Pastor Alan’s Encouragement

Ancient Truth. Present Reality. – God’s Call

(***Note:There is a lot of information here to cover.This is a message that was preached over three Sundays.In your LIFE Group, take your time going over the “Journey of a Christian.”IDEA:just cover Salvation one week, Sanctification the second week and Service the third week.There is a lot of powerful, life-changing truth in the scriptures you will read.Take time reading and praying through these verses. May God use this message to encourage you on your journey!)

Over the last month Pastor Alan has been preaching a series titled “Ancient Truth, Present Reality.” The Bible is filled with God’s activity.God revealed Himself to the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of our faith, and He called them on a journey to complete an assignment.Today, God’s Word is still alive and active. God is moving in the lives of His people around the world. He is still calling people to live a life that serves the world around us.He is calling each of us on a journey to serve His purpose in this generation. Today, answer God’s call.

Read the story of Moses being called by God in Exodus 3 and 4.  Note the excuses Moses made. Make a list of Moses’ excuses.

DISCUSSION QUESTION:What excuses have you made in answering God’s call?Be sensitive to one another as people “open up” about their personal struggles and fears.Take a moment and pray for each other to have the courage to answer God’s call to serve Him.

DISCUSSION QUESTION:Pastor Alan said, “I believe one of the reasons people, specifically Christians, are so unsatisfied and miserable is because they aren’t doing what God called them to do. When we are living God’s plan and serving His purpose, we are satisfied.” Do you agree?Discuss.

The Journey of a Christian:

  1. Salvation
    1. God is calling people to get saved (Read I Timothy 2:4).God is on a rescue mission. He desires all to be saved. This means to give up and quit the old life and its anti-God habits. God is calling you to get saved and get right with Him.
    2. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:Describe your salvation experience.When did you stop living the old fruitless, sinful life?When did you renounce sin? When did you declare that Jesus was the Lord of your life? How did that decision impact your life?
    3. Take turns reading the following scriptures: Titus 3:1 – 6, I Peter 2:9, and II Thessalonians 2:14
    4. How do you become a child of God?
      1. Read John 1:10 – 13.Discuss “receiving Jesus” and “believing in His name.”
      2. Read Galatians 3:26 and Romans 8: 16 -17
    5. How can you tell someone’s a child of God?
      1. Read I John 3:10. What two things in this verse indicate a person is a child of God?
    6. We are not saved by our effort or our works (Ephesians 2:9).We are saved by the mercy of God.
  2. Sanctification
    1. God is calling people to clean up their life and live for Him “MORE and MORE.” (Read I Thessalonians 4: 1 – 12. Note that these verses are an encouragement (not condemnation) for the people to live for God more and more.God is calling you to get cleaned up.
    2. To be sanctified is “to be separate, and set apart for holy (God’s) purpose, use.” It is to make holy, to purify.In other words…to get cleaned up. I Thessalonians 4:7 states, “God has CALLED us to live holy lives, not impure lives.”
    3. When we understand “ALL have sinned” (see Romans 3:23) and we admit, confess (agree with God) that we have sinned, and then REPENT of our sin and turn to God (180 degree turn) from the sin, we are being sanctified.
    4. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:Share a time God showed you something in your life you were to walk away from in order to draw closer to Him.Is there anything preventing you from answering God’s call to serve Him? Is there anything in your life you need to turn form, give up, stop, quit? Pray for each other to have victory in your life over everything that keeps you from living a holy life that is pleasing to God.
    5. Take turns reading the following scriptures:I Peter 1:16, Romans 12:1 and 2, I Corinthians 6:18 – 20
    6. How do you become sanctified? Read John 17:17 and I Thessalonians 2: 13. Also, read I John 1: 5 – 10. THESE SCRIPTURES ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.Note what cleanses us from sin. DISCUSS these two statements Pastor Alan made about responding to God’s Word.
      1. “Your response to God’s word determines the effect it has on your life.”
      2. “How we respond to God’s word contains profound, long-lasting consequences (and blessings) for us and our families.”
    7. Take a moment to pray and thank God for a way out of a life of sin and bad decisions.Thank God for the call to come out of darkness and into God’s marvelous light!Praise the Lord.
    8. Pastor Alan said, “If you’re not satisfied with the fruit you’re producing, you might need to die to yourself more.”What does this mean?What does “dying to yourself” mean?
    9. Read Matthew 16: 24 – 28.
  3. Service
    1. God is calling you to serve Him and advance His purpose.God is calling you to get to work for His kingdom.Let God use you! He wants to reach others through YOUR changed life.Tell people how Jesus saved you and changed you.
    2. Jesus came to serve.Read Matthew 20:28 and Mark 10:45.
    3. Read Isaiah 49:1, 2, 3.
    4. We are to serve.Read Mark 10: 42 – 45.
    5. Look back at your list of excuses Moses made when God called Him.Do you see anything in common with Moses?
      1. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:How can you serve God? What do you believe God is calling you to do at home?At your work-place? In the local church?In the community?Do you see the great value of knowing God is calling you to live for Him and to be actively involved in serving others in our home and our community?Discuss what it means to be a SERVANT LEADER? If you say ‘NO” to answering God’s call, what impact will that have on your life?On your family?On our community?Read the story in Mark 9:14 – 29. Note the discussion Jesus had with the son’s father.Discuss how the limitation of the disciples’ and father’s faith affected the health of the son. Review this statement again in relation to the story: “How we respond to God’s word contains profound, long-lasting consequences (and blessings) for us and our families.”
      2. When we answer God’s call and exercise our faith it will impact the world around us for the glory of God!! Get the Word in you and build your faith!!

Take a moment and pray for each other.

Pray for your church.

Pray for your pastors and children.

Ask God to show you where you can serve in our church.

Pray our church will reach more people.

Pray for salvations.

Pray people will be baptized.

Pray people will be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Pray for those who are sick to be healed.