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Sermon Series Discussion Questions
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Flourish! - Read Luke 8: 4 – 15

This week Pastor Alan spoke about “flourishing” in our faith.

Setting goals is vitally important in setting the direction and tone for the New Year. In 2019, what area(s) of your life do you want to flourish?

How will you accomplish your goal(s)?

Do you have a friend, a group of friends, that can help you accomplish your goal(s) this year?

Do you see the value of accountability? Why or why not?

In this week’s message, Pastor Alan mentioned several things that will help us grow. Review each one and discuss how you can implement each one in your life this year.

  1. Praise Psalm 67:5 – 7 and Psalm 103: 1 – 5 (New Living Version)
  2. Local Church/Associations Psalm 92:12 – 15
  3. God’s Word James 1:18, I Peter 1:23 and Luke 8:11 – 12
    1. How can God’s Word help you overcome sin? Psalm 119:11
  4. Jesus Colossians 2:7

Read Luke 8: 4 – 15

Discuss this statement: Nothing affects our growth more than the condition of our heart and the associations we make with others.

“Growing down causes us to grow up.” What does that mean to you after reading Colossians 2:7 and Ephesians 4: 14 – 16.

In order to flourish, we must look at the condition of our heart (soil) and what we allow in our heart. To grow, to thrive, to flourish this year…

1. requires quality seed.

2. depends on the quality of the soil.

3. depends on us sowing the “good” seed.

4. requires a process of growth.

Going Deeper:

Are you convinced that God’s desire for you is to flourish? Why or why not? John 10:10